Launch sma

Make sure at least 10,000 people love your product before
launching it to a million.
Test-launch your digital or retail
product in Estonia before entering bigger markets.

Minimise financial risks. Maximise confidence.

How it works

Soft launch
in Estonia.

Study customer
feedback on product
& launch campaign.

Make necessary
changes to product
& launch campaign.

Your product is ready
to launch anywhere.

Why is the small country of Estonia the perfect test market for a soft launch?

product trials

Digitally savvy Estonians are
early adopters, eager to try
new products.

business processes

E.g. You can register a new
company in less than 4 hours!
On product
As modern digital natives,
Estonians give mission-critical
feedback, especially on digital

On launch

Test different launch
messages to see what
works best.
Low operational costs
For physical set-ups, logistical
costs are ultra-affordable &
lower than most western European
Even in the event of substantial
negative feedback, it only
effects your launch in a really
small market without
impacting future launches
in other markets.
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Who are we?

TESTinEST is driven by Optimist Group.

We're Estonia's most award-winning collective of business strategists, marketing experts,
operations specialists, creative directors, digital media hackers and startup accelerators
with over 20 years experience in launching new products.

What can we do for you?

Whether you have a physical or digital product, our
team of experts will help you set up and get your
business running in no time!

Optimist's creative department which has been
awarded Estonia's agency of the year 4 times in
a row, plans and executes your creative/marketing campaign.

Our analysts study customer feedback via
data/analytics/surveys. Then convert conclusions to
actionable points for your product & marketing team.

Our network of legal & finance teams
are there for you any time you need them.

Case studies

Digital products

The client:

Statistics Estonia

Test duration:

6 months

The concept:

Real-time data visualisation that captures LIVE the progress of the government in achieving national goals.

Our role:

To test if such a solution would make governments more transparent and make government goals more understandable for the general public, so the model could be applied to other countries.


Digital + physical concepts

The client:

Kookon Smart Storage

Test duration:

2 years

The concept:

A self storage franchise that can
be rented & managed online.

Our role:

The concept, marketing campaign and software was developed, launched and validated in Estonia. Soon Kookon will launch in Latvia and Finland.


Retail products

The client:

Carlsberg Group

Test duration:

1 year

The concept:

A new healthy soft drink by Carlsberg Group.

Our role:

The creative launch campaign was created, launched and validated in Estonia to study what kind of campaign would be most effective for bigger markets.